Our Story

We are proud to be voted ‘ Best Artisanal Vegan Skincare Brand 2024 – London ‘ by LUXlife Magazine.

Our passion for making skincare products started in 2009, with a sincere endeavour :

“ .. to be one with NATURE and find a HARMONIOUS BALANCE for self care .. “

For eternity, generations of women all over the world have been in tune with the ebb and flow of the moon, the rhythm of the sun and the magic of the deep waves of the waters.

They have known instinctively which herbs, flowers, spices and the varied and wide aspects of the natural world to use in their everyday lives for balance and harmony.

Eizun Eco Skin is about being in balance with nature and bringing that into our lives, living in harmony with body, mind and spirit. With this in mind, each Eizun skincare product is hand crafted with joy and energetically balanced to bring the optimal harmony to your skincare routine.

Eizun is about self love, self care and appreciating each moment we have on this earth and living in peace and harmony with Mother Earth and each other.

Nurturing ourselves and nurturing each other with positive thoughts and positive energy to carry forth to future generations.

For this reason all our formulations are pure and non-toxic. We formulate water-free products so we do not need to use preservatives. Hence no fillers, so you can get the full benefits of pure plant ingredients.

Our philosophy is “ .. doing good for each other and the world, one product at a time .. “

It would be great to have you on this journey with us.

Supporting the incredible work of TPRF

 We are passionate to support the incredible work of TPRF, a global charity that brings essential humanitarian aid to afflicted areas around the world.
A percentage of all sales go towards working with this fabulous cause and the understanding of finding peace where conflict exists.
Watch the video below to learn more about their work.