The Three Pillars of Skin Science

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, to flourish optimally it is important for the skin to breathe and not be clogged in order to encourage healthy skin.

Integral for the process of healthy and glowing skin are ‘ The Three Pillars of skincare ‘ for all skin types :




Skin exfoliation helps you get a deeper cleanse, so we recommend doing a thorough exfoliation at least 2 to 4 times weekly depending on your skin type.

When it comes to skin cycling, exfoliation is a necessary part of the skin’s life cycle. When you exfoliate you are removing the left over dead skin cells, revealing a brighter and healthier skin, after which it is easier for products to penetrate with excess dead skin removed.

With adult skin this process is very important because if not regularly exfoliated there could be acne and more rapid visible signs of ageing occurring. Adult skin is often not very vibrant in tone and can easily clog with dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells, blackheads are more likely to occur.

Hence the importance of regular skin exfoliation, a detox for the skin.
Aside from the aesthetic aspect it also plays great importance with health maintenance, if your skin is able to function at its best, then it is also able to perform its crucial role of supporting all your internal organs and maintain stability and balance within. So a win win situation all round.

Let’s talk about hydration and why it’s so important for the skin. Over 60% of our body has water content so it becomes crucial for the facial skin to stay hydrated when environmental stressors are at play.

With each change of season, our skin can become dehydrated and thirsty, so it is important to be on top of this with the correct form of hydration.
We can address this internally ( with the correct nutrition), as well as externally by applying the appropriate products to our skin. The key is consistency and skin detox during the change of seasons.
Albeit externally, the importance of using the the correct skin hydrations on regular basis is a vital must, especially during extremes of weather.

Dehydrated skin also looks dull and sallow, with the appearance of fine lines being more obvious so we should always be addressing this issue within our skincare routine.

If we look after the basics our skin will be happier, which brings us onto our last point to vitally nourish our skins.
Again, as we know vital nourishment is needed on an internal and external level.
To externally nourish our skin is the final step to achieving healthy and happy skin.

To nourish, we are feeding our skin by regenerating the cells of the epidermis and strengthening our natural protective barrier of lipids to avoid the dehydration.
With nutritive products, we are applying a higher concentration of active ingredients than hydrating products, which is more effective on the skin.
So the correct nourishment to the skin, promotes a younger looking skin. Products with a good concentration of vitamin D, provide protective and antioxidant benefits to the skin.

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