Are there times when you have just got half way through the day and you just need a pick me up ?

Our handy travel sized facial toners are just the thing.

Uplift your facial routine throughout the day with a refreshing spray, not only moisturising for your face but a gorgeous smell to give you that added boost to your energy when you are half way through the day with a heavy work load. Turn to one of our range of facial toner / mist for that added uplift, our Honeysuckle Facial Mist will give you a spruce in your step and refreshing glow to your face.

Well needed in our busy lifestyles, either at work or home.

Fabulous smelling mist will provide added moisture and hydration throughout the day.

No need to re-apply your moisturiser, a quick spritz will sink in perfectly and provide hydration while enhancing on your skins moisture levels.