Did you know that it’s not only the skin renewal properties of Frankincense, but also the benefits of the alluring aroma that has skin enhancing goodness.
Just the smell alone brings freshness and vibrational goodness to your skin cells.

“ Feel grounded and ready to start your day “

Yes we are familiar with Frankincense, it has been widely used and reported in the skincare circles for the last few years, we know it’s essence originate way back in time.

It’s always been used in one form or another but the secret lies in the blending of this magical and alluring essence.

Handcrafted with just the right intention to enhance your daily skincare routine, we have wisely included in :

• Eizun Face Serum

• Peace Bath Salts / Foot Soak

• Beautiful Moon Face Cream

Frankincense has skin firming qualities and is renowned for its beneficial effects on wrinkles and age spots.
Used in the correct way you will not only feel the benefits, but visibly notice the improvement in your skin tone and skin health. The two go hand in hand for anti-aging.
This is also an incredible duo for prevention when used with sensitivity early on in your skincare management.