So plastic free July came and went, but are we aware of just how much plastic exists in the skincare industry and the damage it is doing to our environment and our planet. Eizun Eco Skin has made a conscious effort to house all of our skincare products in either Amber glass and Aluminium Tins. Not only is this ethically more sustainable for our planet, but also the amber and aluminium protects and preserves the product from damage by exposure to light and heat.

We are focused on using just pure product without water and other fillers. For this reason we do not want to use any form of harsh chemicals or preservatives, as we aim to keep the skin nourished and cared for in the most natural way as possible.

Hence we will not use plastic that will cause further damage to our environment and our planet.

The only bit of plastic we are currently using is in our skin toners, the aluminium bottles have plastic pumps but these can be safely recycled. We hope to be able to replace these in the near future.

We know that the Amber bottles and aluminium tins are not as pretty looking as the skincare products that our housed in the high end plastic tubes, but we would rather have a more organic and natural look to our products, because in the end it’s the final result of how your skin feels and looks that is more important than over the top packaging and we know that we are doing our best for the environment; so let’s continue to encourage plastic free in skincare.