100% VEGAN

The month of January is known as ‘ Veganuary ‘ this started in 2014 and has grown rapidly, with over 580,000 people from 209 countries taking part worldwide in 2021. So in the whole month of January you follow a vegan lifestyle. Today this popular month has helped many become healthier and happier with their choice of lifestyle habits and has helped with their decisions on sustainability. Many taking this further and carrying it forward well past the initial month of January.

We are hoping in doing so also lessens our carbon footprint !

Thus our belief in also being Cruelty Free, which keeps our skincare line optimally enhanced with unadulterated clean ingredients which do not harm ourselves or the environment. All of which is housed within the ‘ VEGAN ‘ meaning. For this reason we chose to keep our #skincare 100% Vegan, not only because it is central in our belief system but also we CARE, we care that harm or suffering does not come to animals intentionally! So we do our utmost to preserve this belief and ensure that all that we do in the best possible way is #VEGAN and #CRUELTY FREE.

How nice it feels in the knowing that what you are putting on your skin is a testament for goodness within the skincare industry.

Knowing that no harm has come to animals in the making of our skincare should give you added confidence to feel good within. Not only does your skin feel fabulous with the Eizun Eco Skincare products but glows with health and vibrancy. Our skincare system is becoming recognised for being ethically sustainable and providing great results for maintaining healthy vibrant skin that shines with goodness.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY and HEALTHY 2023 !