Our milk bath soaks are hand blended and balanced with the perfect mix of natural coconut milk powders and Epsom salts to bring the most relaxing soak experience, leaving your skin silky smooth. If time is limited they are also just as effective as a foot bath. Incorporating some selected essential oils to bring two exclusive blends : HARMONY and PEACE. Not only relaxing and rejuvenating but great for your inner well-being. No wonder these bath milk soaks have become part of a regular wellness routine for many of our regular customers.

At Eizun we believe in recognising our inner beauty through enhanced NATURAL SKINCARE

Our other most loved favourite is the Eizun Vital Face Serum, brimming full of natural goodness to enhance collagen, firm and lift facial skin bringing a natural glow and vibrancy to your face, a fabulous addition to a regular skincare routine for a youthful skin maintenance and to prevent and slow the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines.

The natural ingredients in all our products are packed full of antioxidants which support skin elastin and vital nutrients that encourage skin cell renewal and increased collagen production. In particular the organic Black Seed Oil in our Eizun Vital Serum plays a vital role.

Overall our whole product range is designed to naturally bring effective skin maintenance and balance ( the eizun meaning ) and a rejuvenating experience to your daily skincare routine. As one customer puts it : ‘ you will Love ‘ The Eizun Effect ‘.

Not only made to enhance skin vitality and skin health but most importantly will have an impact on your inner well-being through the blend of mood calming and nutrient rich ingredients in our skincare formulations.

When your skin health contributes to your inner vitality it brings a natural radiance and glow back to your face. In return your Inner Beauty radiates and shines. When your skin looks great in its natural state your skin beams with Happiness, with the correct skincare Balance your skin is allowed to Breathe and feel awakened.

The Eizun Skincare Range made to give BALANCE to your skin and promote wellness, use in your morning and evening skincare routine, Feel Fabulous in your SKIN and let your INNER BEAUY shine through. #beautifulskin #vegan #skin #happyvalentines