“ Feel great in your skin and let your inner beauty shine through “

The Eizun skincare range focus is on using only natural ingredients that harness your wellbeing, we use ingredients that have qualities that have been used in traditional wellbeing practices throughout the world from generations past, time honoured and proven effective to humankind.
That’s the beauty of Eizun, we work only with the natural world, we believe that everything that goes into your skin has an integral impact on your inner and outer wellness.
So our focus is on only using natural, organic and vegan ingredients that let your inner wellbeing flourish in optimal harmony.

One such ingredient we use is Turmeric Essential Oi, it’s active ingredient is curcumin, used in the east since antiquity.  We have included this ingredient in a few of our products namely our Calm Buddha Face Cleanser, the Men’s Face Cleanser and the Define Eye Balm.
Just two of the amazing properties of turmeric include it’s fabulous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities, increasing circulation and aiding blood flow to the area where applied.  Such an incredibly healing ingredient, turmeric powers wonderfully the products it’s added to in the world of natural and organic skincare formulations.
Not to mention the amazing brightening qualities which gives an automatic cleansed feeling to the skin and effectively tackles the age old problem of hyperpigmentation and age spots.  Brimming with vitamin C it packs a powerful punch to Nourish and hydrate sensitive and worn out skins.