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” An Absolute Must Have ….. Elixir …….See how super soft your skin will feel and look just after a few days of use ”

This stunning facial serum provides extra moisture to dry and sensitive skin and benefits the skin with staying nurtured and more importantly healthy.
Formulated with superb botanical ingredients including aloe, squalane, vitamin E, sunflower oil, sesame seed oil, rosehip oil,   flax seed, evening primrose, rice bran along with frankincense, Neroli and chamomile essential oils.
Providing your skin with cold pressed natural essentials, which include omega 3, 6 and 9.

Just the perfect blend of ingredients for your daily anti-ageing skincare ritual to maintain a youthful glow.
Perfect for enhancing on your skin’s collagen and keeping your skin nice and taut.
Use every night after cleansing and before the application of moisturiser.
This is a night time serum only, not recommended for use during the day, as the oils may burn the skin when exposed to sunlight.

Roll along the face and apply more on the extra dry areas, then massage gently into skin.
Please note that as this is a complete natural blend, there will be slight separation of the oils, this is absolutely fine, all the benefits of the blend are still maintained and in tact but just shake well before each use.

As always ‘ a small amount goes a long way ‘

‘ ……. this is my facelift in a bottle elixir…. and the smell is just divine…. ‘
As a precaution always avoid getting the product inside the eye.
Natural and cruelty free products, hand blended and made with care.

• Kind to you

• Kind to the planet

5 reviews for EIZUN ELIXIR : Face Serum

  1. Joy Childs

    I use this serum around once/twice a week
    You just use the roller to apply to your face and then massage into your skin. It will leave your skin super soft.

  2. Martin

    I really liked it, big difference on my face. Extremely happy

  3. Carol Trigg (verified owner)

    I really love this product ! It makes my skin feel silky and so soft . I use it at night after I have used the Calm Buddha Cleanser and the Chamomile Toner … Organic and Natural Products for my skin , Amazing and no nasties !

  4. Giancarlo

    Wonderful product. Firstly I love how it makes my skin feel when I apply it and rub it in. I also love the sent of it, it feel so organic. It really is a wonderful product.

  5. Belinda musoke

    This product is absolute gold dust. It’s silky smooth and leaves my face feeling amazing . This product is part of my everyday routine and it really has become a holy grail.

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