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Buy all 3 of our Face Mist – Rose, Chamomile and Lavender  in one pack.

Rose Bouquet
Enchanting and alluring, a fabulous facial toner and facial mist that awakens your senses and feels fabulous proving to be ideal even for the most sensitive of skins.
Can be used as a facial toner and a pick me up boost facial mist throughout the day.

A great astringent to tone facial skin.
Our Essential Chamomile is both calming and soothing when used as a facial mist. The magic of Chamomile keeps you centred and focused with alluring undertones adding to the mystery of this super facial mist.
Not forgetting to mention the super hydration benefits to your facial skin.

Lavender Dew
This super toner smell gorgeous.
Ideal as a face toner after cleansing and also great as a facial mist throughout the day to freshen up and keep your face hydrated.
Great as a final setting mist after applying makeup.

1 review for THE NATURE Face Mist

  1. Joy

    Wonderful face toners! I have purchased all fragrances. All are simply wonderful – if I had to choose my favourite it would be Chamomillle. It leaves my skin so soft abd re-refreshed. Highly recommend all toners

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