Harmony Bath Milk

With soothing notes of Chamomile and Meadowfoam, this bath milk is sure to relax and rejuvenate!


A must try super product full of botanical goodness with essential oils of chamomile and Meadowfoam.

This soak will remove dead skin and open up the pores, allowing skin to breath optimally.

This whole process of exfoliating the skin allows a deep sense of relaxation for the body as it is allowed to breathe and function to its best.

Make this part of your regular skin detox and rejuvenating ritual to allow your body to feel special again.

This milk bath is amazing for bathing but also can be used as a foot soak, it is deeply effective and you will feel and notice the difference after your first use.

Treat yourself or gift for a nourishing experience!


- Coconut milk powder - Epsom salts - Meadowfoam seed oil - Aloe Vera powder - Lavender essential oil - Chamomile essential oil - Camellia seed oil - Tocopherol/ vitamin E - AHA fruit extract

3 reviews for Harmony Bath Milk

  1. Joy (verified owner)

    There is now a new formulation of the body cream- beige in colour. This is the first time I had purchased. Apply to the skin with a spatula – to avoid any excess water getting in. Apply to your skin – paying particular attention to really dry areas of your body. I can honnestly say after coming put of the shower my skin felt all silky. Highly recommend. High quality product. The fragrance is beautiful!

  2. Joy Childs (verified owner)

    Today I had a totally Euzun day. I firstly had a shower and used this exfoliating polish. My skin felt so super soft. Then I used my Eizun Body Bal.m Then I used all Eizun products on my face- starting with my eye cream- Calming Budha face cleanser followed by my Camomile Toner and Finally my Serenity Moisturizer. No more mass produced products for me – full.of water. My skin has never felt or looked so better. I no longer have to.use foundation on my face – or blusher as my face has a glow. Highly recommend all the Eizun Products I purchase.

  3. Sara

    Leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. It’s gentle enough to use daily. I this product so much!

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