Pink Salt : Body Exfoliate



Use on hands and body, leaves skin exfoliated and moisturised at the same time.

Amazingly Anti-Ageing when used on hands, leaving a smooth and silky feel.

A must try super product full of botanical goodness with essential oils of petitgrain and verbena.

The Himalayan Pink salts, remove dead skin and open up the pores, allowing skin to breath efficiently.

This whole process of exfoliating the skin allows a deep sense of relaxation for the skin as it is allowed to breathe and function optimally.

Make this part of your regular skin detox and rejuvenating routine to allow your body to feel special again.

You will feel and notice the difference after your first use.

Always use this product on wet skin and take out of the container with a small scoop or spoon.

For use in the shower apply to wet skin all over body and massage in circular motion. Rinse off and dry.

For use on hands, apply a very small amount to wet hands and rub all over hands then rinse and dry.



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