Men’s Face Cleanser

Oil Cleansing For Men

Hemp and Castor make for an excellent cleansing facial experience!


KEY BENEFITS :   Plumper Skin   Deeper Clean    Refined Pores   Vibrant Look

To purify and rejuvenate the face and neck area.  This is a smooth oil based face cleanser.  It will replenish the skin on a cellular level, to bring balance and nourishment.   Leaving a soothing and deeply hydrating effect on the face and neck area.  Use daily for perfectly cleansed skin, looking vibrant and healthy.  Oil cleansing for men can be hugely beneficial, as it gets deeper into the pores with super efficiency whilst also nourishing and strengthening the skin barrier.  This is enhanced face cleansing becoming a popular and enjoyable ritual for the health conscious man eager to promote a healthy and firmer looking skin.  This cleansing oil provides enormous benefits due to the use of an exceptional ingredient castor oil, this super charged ingredient brings moisturising fatty acids and emollients to the skin.  It has exceptionally effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which promote overall skin health and texture.  In turn this prevents wrinkles by fighting free radicals with powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C, which is an abundant factor in castor oil.


To cleanse the skin, rub a small amount over face and neck, massage gently using upward strokes for a few minutes, then place a hot face cloth over the face and allow the steam to absorb into the skin for a few seconds then remove the cleansing oil by wiping gently over the whole face and neck.

Best used at the end of the day, to remove grime, dirt and excess oil build during the day.  


THE  IMPORTANT  STUFF :   Cruelty Free  •  Vegan  •   Natural  •  Organic
•  Made in England  •  Sustainable  • Water Free  •  Eco Friendly  •   Cold Pressed Virgin Seed Oils  •  Hand Crafted


CAUTION :  Avoid getting product in eyes  •  Avoid water entering into the product  •  Store away from direct heat & light 



- Grapeseed oil - Castor oil - Apricot oil - Hemp seed oil - Lemon Verbena essential oil - Black Spruce essential oil - Frankincense essential oil - Sea Buckthorn Co2 extract - AHA fruit extract - Argan oil - Rosemary antioxidant - Tocopherol / vitamin E - Ginger essential oil - Geranium essential oil

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100ml, 50ml

3 reviews for Men’s Face Cleanser

  1. Belinda musoke

    This product really does what it says, it’s deeply exfoliating and really does brighten and hydrate a true findz

  2. Martin

    After using the Face Cleanser my skin feels hydrated and it makes me feel fresh to start my day.

  3. Conor South London

    Eizun face cleanser Hemp & Castor for men. Great stuff. I was given this gift by a friend. I have never used face oil to cleanse before. After 1 week I am a convert. I really notice the difference my face feels a lot softer and fresh, I have a glow not seen for a long time. Thank you Eizun

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