Mens Vital Skin Kit

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Essential Maintenance for Hair, Beard & Face :

~ Face / Beard Cleansing Mask
~ Face / Beard Serum ( oil based )
~ Face Cream
~ Hair / Beard Wax
~ Face Cloth

This is our HERO saviour kit for any man, weather you have a beard or not, this just works perfectly, providing a much needed daily maintenance against external environmental aggressors, including the hazards of pollution damage and UVA damage to skin.

This kit makes it easy to care for your skin and hair / beard and have a fresh and vibrant look.

The mask gives your skin thorough cleansing, the serum gives deep nourishment to your skin/beard/hair, the face cream locks in moisture, as does the hair wax.

All in all a fantastic maintenance skincare routine for men, with the added bonus of being quick and not too much of a fussy face routine.

For on the go, busy men this is your one stop essential maintenance kit.

1 review for Mens Vital Skin Kit

  1. Lev

    The Eizun Eco moisturiser is an amazing skin care product. It keeps your skin feeling moisturised all day with an added pleasant fragrance! I must admit I was sceptical at first but I was blown away by the quality of the product.

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